Secure Computing: Free Virus Protection for Advanced Users with ClamWin

In this article we shall cover about ClamWin antivirus.

It doesn’t provide users with real-time scanning, so it is preferred by more advanced users. Installation process is simple and straight forward, if you are using Microsoft Outlook, it will verify by checking it. You can also use international help files. And now you are done installation process.

ClamWin provides simple interface, unlike other utilities, there is no graphics or anything attractive. In short, its interface is dull. You can access ClamWin preferences from Tool and then clicking Preferences, you can see the user controls there. You can select the day and timing for updates.

You can Schedule scan, like many other utilities. To do this you can go to Schedule Scans, under ClamWin Preferences dialog box. You will have to create a new schedule by clicking the button with caption “Add” on the right the scheduled scan dialog box would open and then set the day for scan, you can select the scanning frequency, daily, workdays, weekly or monthly and also the time of the day you want to scan, make sure computer is on at that time. ClamWin is integrated to Microsoft Outlook and when you launch it, ClamWin windows would appear to verify that it is protecting. It scan e-mail attachments for threats. If you find that verification screen on Microsoft Outlook start-up annoying, you can easily disable it from Preferences window, under Email Scanning tab. It is very light on the system, most of the utilities make computer down of performance, when scanning. It is very light even it is scanning. ClamWin also provide you with the reports for scan and updates. You can access the reports by: Tools : Show Reports.

It is very good tool with plenty of settings. It is light on system, though solid.

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