Secure Computing: Free Virus Protection With Avast Home Edition

In our previous three or four articles we have discus many antivirus utilities which are very useful for preventing our computer system because the basic functionality of these utilities is to search and scan the existing and also prevent the virus from entering in our computer system. For our betterment in the understanding of these types of utilities we are describing another utility with the same features and function like we describe in the earlier articles.

In this article we discuss the antivirus named as AVAST home addition with very great protection from the spyware and also with the protection of the rootkit detection and also it has interesting skinning ability.

After you have completed the whole process for the installation for this utility, you will immediately greeted with the user guide with all the available features provided by the AVAST. One thing you have to remember while adjusting the features according to your own choice, you should select the updation option for this utility, so that this utility updates its database accordingly. After that you need to restart your windows.

Avast allows you the real time scanning with the resident scanning, you can select the protection normal, high or custom and also you can set it as a default protection. Depending upon on the type of the scanning you required, sometimes the real time scanning can slow down your computer.

If you want to do your custom setting then go to the cool custom mode, here you can select the different components for your computer the protection of your own liking. The main menu of this utility is the main command centre where you can search all the features. AVAST integrate into the explorer, where you can select the desired file and run it for the scan.

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