Secure Computing: Free Virus Protection with AVG Free Edition

This article will let you know about another utility which is surely be able to secure your computer functionalities. In this article we will describe another anti spyware utility which is going to remove and scan the viruses from your computer system. This utility is the more effective and popular anti spyware utility named as Grisoft’s AVG free addition.

After getting this utility you have to install it on your computer with the most simple and easy steps. In the user name of the installation process you enter Microsoft and in the next step you have to enter the license number for this utility for its complete and fully functional installation. During the installation you are prompted for the security toolbar. If you want to avail the feature of the toolbar then you can easily access this feature. But this feature of this utility is not essential because the internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox is also providing the enough security already.

After the complete installation of this utility there are different questions which will be promoted to you for further adjustments for your utility depending upon the requirements the user. One of the most important adjustments is about the updation of the database viruses. Other settings are to select the time for the scanning of the drives or registry of your computer system. You can allow to select the time for scanning depending upon on your choice and all these adjustments are selected from the user interface.

There are other three components of this utility are that it can able to remove the following types of bugs: antispyware (prevent the malicious applications), email scanner (for scanning the attachments along with the mails) an the last one is resident shield (real time prevention against the spyware and malicious applications). All the emails were scan and the message will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

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