Secure Computing: Free Virus Protection with PC Tools Anti-Virus


In this article we would cover about protecting your computer with PC Tools Anti-Virus. It is by the same people who made the well-known Spyware Doctor.

Installation process may not be easier. Everything would installed and update in 2 minutes. As of writing the current version is 5.0. It uses a feature which is known as Smart Updates, during installation, it comes up and get the latest database updates right away. And then you’re done with installation.

The PC Tools Anti-Virus interface is very attractive and user friendly. You can access and change every setting from here. For scanning, the feature that is enabled by default is “Intelli-Scan”. Through this, you can actually scan in under 1 minute, cause it only scan critical areas of computer and will scan about 1,288 files. Scan-reports would also be generated after every scan.

The full system scan can be trusted, because it covers the whole machine and every areas of the computer’s hard disk drive. It would take about 15 minutes for full-scan and it is the one of the fastest scans, among many antivirus utilities. You can also set schedule to scan automatically. You can set daily, weekly or monthly scan programs, at the specific times of the day. Select the time wisely and make sure your computer is on at that time.

You can chose from different scan types like, Full system scan, Intelli-Scan, or a custom Scan. You can use custom scan if you want to scan for particular drives, folder or directories.

PC Tools Anti-Virus is good choice, features are also comparable with many other reputable Anti-virus programs, and it’s also available in free edition. Or around $50 you can get real-time protection feature called Intelli Guard, and get the full security for Spam and Spyware protection.

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