Secure Computing: Windows Live OneCare

In this article we shall discuss about how you would secure your computer using Windows Live OneCare.

It can with many features like better Firewall, virus and spyware protection, anti-identity theft, performance tune-ups, the most notable of it is you can control upto 3 computers at once.

Go with installation that is straight forward and it will download and install at once. After you are done with installation, reboot your computer. When you will return from reboot, you would be presented with a welcome screen, there you can select step 1 that would require you to purchase the registration or you can select the trial for 90-days. After you do so, it will prompt for similar screen, first go for trial. And then Windows Live OneCare would be running.

When you try to open any application that requires internet connection, the OneCare firewall would ask for permission. In some application Windows native firewall won’t ask, but OneCare’s would.

The setting that it need is it first asks for the type of connection that the computer is connected to. You can choose Windows Live OneCare control center to perform tasks like scans, and other similar tasks. The schedulable feature is very good in PC tune-Up. It will perform disk defragmentation, scan for viruses and also check for security updates for Microsoft.

When you manual scan, you would be asked for three types of scan, Quick, Complete, Customized, and you can also get the record of scan.

Periodically you would also ask for updates and that are not yet installed. Windows Live OneCare is very good application, you can use it to scan your computer periodically, can handle multiple computers, it is supported for all the OS after Windows XP SP2. Windows XP 64-bit version is not supported.

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