Select Icons in Windows 7/Vista to Open With a Single Click Instead of Double-Click

If you have spent a lot of time on your Windows based computer, you would already know how to make your folders in such a way that open with single click instead of double click.

Most of the user would not know about it. Some of the users prefer opening the folder with single click but some remain with double click. The option is yours. Most of the users find it difficult to double click, when you open up a folder.

This feature is available in almost all GUI Windows Operating System. No matter if you are using Windows 95; you can still make your icon open up with only a single click. If you care about your mouse, you can actually make folder open with single click, because average mouse have capability of clicking only several millions of time…. That was the joke.

You can make your folders open with single click by following these simple steps:

Open up any folder in My computer, there you would see a button with caption “Organize” on the left top corner of My Computer windows. Click that button, a pop-down menu would appear. Choose Folder and Search Options from that menu, a dialog box would open with three tabs on the “General” tab, under “Click items as follows”, choose “Single-click to open an item (point to select)” and also choose “Underline icon titles only when I point at them”. This make your icons open with single click. You can see that when you point to particular folder, it then underline and you can open it by single clicking. This make the icons look more normal. If you change the settings to “Underline icon titles consistent with my browser”, then icons would be underlined consistently.

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