Set Automatic Defrag Options for All Drives in Vista Service Pack 1

If you have spent some time on your Windows based computer, you would know what defragment is. For those who don’t know what is defragmentation is:

Disk Defragmenter consolidates fragmented files on your computer’s hard disk to improve system performance.

For those users who are worried about the performance of their system and there are up-to-date can try defragmenting their drives to ensure if the performance increases.

You can manually go to control panel and search for “defragment” and can actually defragment your drives. But what if you want to do this periodically and regularly, and also automatically…., yes you can use schedule to run Disk Defragmenter according to your designed schedule. Disk Defragmenter take a lot of processor’s performance and time.

To set automatic Defrag options for all drives in Windows Vista, follow these simple steps:

Go to start menu and search for the word, “dfrgui”, and hit ok. Once your there, you would notice a button with caption “Select volumes…”, this button wasn’t available before Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Ok, here you can use the button “Run on a schedule (recommended)”, that would enable it to automatically defragment the drives.

You can select your own schedule that is suitable for you. Design your schedule wisely, schedule to run Drive Defragmentation, when your computer is on and you are not using it, otherwise disk defragmentation will cause your computer to run a bit slower, as I told earlier that Disk Defragmentation needs a little computer’s performance. You can also choose only one drive to be defragmented. You can choose different drives to be defragmented on different days.

There is actually nothing difficult in this process. This scheduling option is also available in Windows 7 32-bit versions.

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