Setup Windows Media Center Connector to Windows Home Server

Windows Home server is very good in the sense that it integrates with Windows Media Center very nicely and give you ease in transferring your recorded episodes of your favourite serials.

First we install the connector. When you have installed your Windows Home Server, now when you would open Windows Media Center, it would prompt you to an installer, press ok as we can install it later. In Windows 7 Home Premium, go to Start Menu and click on Windows Media Center Connector. Setup dialog box would appear proceed with instructions and press ok, give password for your Windows Home Server. Now you are good to go, but first restart your machine in order to install it properly.

Now open Windows Media Center you would see a new entry of Windows Home Server with TV Archives and Console View option in the main menu of Windows Media Center.

The TV Archive feature lets you move your recorded media to Windows Home Server with relative ease. You can store the compressed copy of your media in Public folder or on the Windows Home Server. You can set the resolution to 320 X 240 for Windows mobile or 720 X 480 for Creative Zune, not that these both formats would be in .WMV.

Now about Console feature, you can check your Windows Home Server’s statistic with ease; in this you can see Storage, Drives, Backup, Shared Folders, Media Counts, Server and Network Health, Windows Home Server Hardware Information.

Now when you try to access the Recorder TV folder, you would notice that Windows Media Center is accessing these file from the Windows Home Server, saves you time by manually transferring the media. This may also works with Windows Media Center in Vista machine.

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