Share Your Windows Vista Experience Index Score

Windows Vista allows users to assess their computer hardware. Windows index is based on the test of your hardware like processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics, primary hard disk. This index score is like a benchmark that other extra softwares provide, but Windows Experience Index is based on score from 1 to 7.9 (7.9 be the highest) which is for windows operating system and how well the hardware suited for the operating system.

You can use this wizard to test your hardware rating. Mostly when you installed your operating system (most likely Windows Vista) these assessments have already been done and show you the score for your hardware. But if it hasn’t, you have to rum the wizard on your own and check the rating. This assessment would take about 5 minutes.

The base score is determined by the lowest subscore. Like if your primary drive has lowest score of 3.3, then your base score would also be 3.3. The more the powerful hardwares are, the more would be the base score. You can find this wizard in control panel. You can find this wizard in the property of “My Computer”. is the website that allows you to share your score with the world. This website is very useful for performance conscious users. Once you have uploaded your score there, you get a badge of your score to post it on your own website. This website allows the user to see and compare his score with thousands of other users who also have uploaded their scores, using the same hardware configuration. This website gives separate result of your hardware like gaming cards, processors, etc. This website also shows the best recent scorer on their homepage.

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