Shortcut Key to Hide Windows Vista Sidebar Behind Other Windows

There have been many operating system era passed, first people used CLI operating system (Microsoft DOS), then GUI (Windows 95 and so on. . .). The most advanced era is GUI operating systems. In GUI (Graphical User Interface), users get a most friendly interface than CLI (command Line Interface).

You get a plenty of new gadgets and features in Windows. The most recent Windows is 7, before it, there were Windows Vista. Both these new Windows provide a very good interface to the user.

One feature if both the windows is the “Gadget Bar” or “Side Bar”. But in this article, we shall stick to Windows Vista only. Many people find it hard to hide Windows side bar behind the other windows, so here the solution for this problem:

All you need to do is press the combination “ctrl + space bar” to bring the side bar in front of all the open windows, but the problem is not bringing it in front of all the open windows, it is how would you hide it back all the other open windows, so here is the solution to it. Just download a program called “VistaSidebarHider”, unzip the program to any drive. Now open My Computer and write into the address bar the following command “shell:startup”. This command is the shortcut to open the startup directory, now make shortcut to that particular software you have downloaded (VistaSidebarHider). Double click to run the program. This program will let you hide the sidebar behind the other windows. This program will run on the windows startup. Press the following combination to hide the sidebar behind other windows:

Ctrl + win + space bar.

You can use task manager to terminate the program if you don’t need it.

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