Show Keyboard Shortcut Access Keys In Windows Vista

Shortcuts have always been a fantastic way to perform your task with relative ease. You can do anything using shortcut keys, whether it is cut (ctrl+x), copy (ctrl+v) and paste to anything like applying hyperlinks (ctrl+k). If you are new on Windows Vista, you would feel that some shortcut keys are changed. To use any operating system at its full, you must use its every function.

Like other features of Windows Vista, enabling Keyboard Shortcut Access Keys allow you to underline the shortcut keys for every function in windows. It is very useful for power users who don’t want to move their mouse and pressing several times to perform a single function, when you can perform the same function with two to three keyboard keys. It is very helpful for you to memorize the shortcut keys when these are written after every function. With performing the function few times with your mouse, a time will come when you have learnt the shortcut key for that particular function and you would use the keyboard shortcut keys instead.

To enable these shortcut keys all you have to do is, just go to control panel [start menu → control panel (on the right pane)] and search for the word “Underline”, once you have it searched, there would be a link with caption “Underline Keyboard Shortcuts and Access Keys” (under “Ease of Access Center"), open this link by clicking, a window would open, there search for

“Make it easier to use keyboard shortcuts”, once you have it, go on and check this option to underline the keyboard shortcuts in Windows, now when you have it selected, you would notice that every function have its own shortcut key written after.

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