Skip the Annoying "Use the Web Services to Find the Correct Program" Dialog

Every file has its own extension. You would have seen tons of extensions, .exe, .ppt, .doc, .png, etc. extensions distinguish between different file types. If you are having a file with strange extension, and when your try to open it, a dialog will ask you, what to do, there would be two options asking you  to either seek Internet help or just choose a program from the list to ran  that file with. This could happen if you have a file for particular software and that particular software hasn’t been installed. Let’s say if you don’t have “Adobe Reader” and you have a file with extension .pdf, then your computer will not recognize it and consider it as an unknown file type. Now when you have installed “Adobe reader”, your computer will recognize it as an Adobe reader file.

It is very annoying for some people to have a dialog box asking for two options, either seek web help or just choose a program from the list to open that file with.
There is registry hack that helps you to stay away from that dialog box and simply open a dialog box asking to choose a program from a list of programs (that would be the second option from the first dialog box), when you try to open unknown file type.

All you have to do is go to start menu and search for “regedit.exe” and open it and search for the following key:


Now create a new value on the right pane of registry window, the value should be 32-bit DWORD and name it NoInternetOpenWith and set the value to 1 or 0(set to 0, if you want to disable it or just delete the name)

You don’t have to reboot after this modifications.

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