Speed Up External USB Hard Drives in Windows Vista

Many users like to have External hard drives to store their data, take it anywhere they want. Users usually have large amount of data that internal hard drives cannot accommodate. Now-a-days many motherboards support upto 7 SATA inputs. But even that much internal hard drives are not enough for crazy users who want to have everything available on the internet, movies, songs, pictures, e-books, softwares, …everything.

Most users buy external USB hard drives to have even more amount of data, some use it for carrying around and some permanently connect it to the computer forever. Portable HDDs are also available in the market.

External USB HDDs are considered to have less transferring rate, which is pretty much annoying for the users who want their data available in rapid rate. There are many ways that you can follow to have your data available in fast transferring rate. There are motherboards available in the market from respectable vendors that now offer USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s, which is a very good thing but to avail these features, you likely to have devices that also support these speed (otherwise it is useless to have USB2.0 HDD on USB3.0 input compatibility).

You can use “Write caching” option to speed up your HDD, all you have to do is, go to “Device Manger”; you can go to “Device Manager” from control panel and search for “Device Manager” there, click the Device Manager. There you would find your external USB HDD, under Hard Drives. Go to the properties of your HDD (double click to open), a dialog box would open, under “policies” tab choose “Optimize for performance” and press ok. Make sure that you restart your computer to make the settings effective. This will enable “Write Caching” option. Use stopping your hard drive before unplugging it or you may lose your data.

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