Speed up or Disable Windows search Indexing in Vista

Indexing option in Windows Vista and Windows 7 (though every Microsoft OS) provides a complete new way to speed up your search. It makes a catalogue of the drives or even folder, which would be searched first when you search for something. This is very useful for performance hungry users.

If you don’t use indexing option, your search would take more time, hence more load on processor. There are two ways to get better performance out of your processor, either selecting small amount of folders to be indexed or just disable indexing option, but it would take more time, searching your files.

To start, first we uncheck the drives or folders that don’t need to be indexed. To do this, go to Start Menu →Control Panel →search for “Indexing”, in search results, you should see an “Indexing Option” result, open it.

Once you have it opened, a dialog box should appear, showing some locations that are already been indexed, there you should also see a button with caption “Modify”, click this button, a dialog box would open, showing some locations, some of them would be checked, these are those locations that would be searched first, just uncheck the locations which you normally don’t search through, like, if you don’t search in a particular drive, why indexing it?

You can also disable the indexing option, to do this, all you have to do is, open up Start Menu, type “Services.msc” in Start Menu, click on the “Services” from the search result, a window should open, find “Window Search”, open it, a dialog box will open with four tabs, first tab is “General”. Here you should find a option “Start-up type”, chose disable in Start-up type, and click “Stop” and then click “ok”.

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