Speed Up SATA Hard Drives in Windows Vista

One of the most important components of the computer is its saving hardware which is also known as the hard drive. Basically hard drive store the data for the long time and this can be portable means can be taken from one place to another.

There are two types of hard drive from which the SATA which is stands for the serial ATA hard drive is the common one. The combination of the hardware and the software is the important for running the machine smoothly and efficiently.

Steps involve in speed up the SATA hard drive in windows Vista:

Basically it is the operating system which takes the work from the hardware of the system. Windows Vista operating system gives the options to their users to enhance the efficiency level of the hardware.

First user have to go the device manager windows there are two ways h which takes you to that windows one is go to the command box and gives the command “devmgmt.msc” and second is go to the start up menu write the “device manager” by the keyboard in text and hit the enter button to get in to that windows. Then select the disk drive option and click on it so that it will open. When that disk drive option will open it will shows you the hard drive name and serial number of your hard drive. Right click on it and then select the properties from the dragged options. Then select the “policies” tab from the upper right most corner and then check the “enable right caching on the disk” and also check the option “enable advanced performance” now click ok button. After doing this procedure user is feeling that his/her hard drive is working much faster than before.

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