Speed up Windows Vista Start Menu Search By Limiting Results

Start up menu of the windows vista is the very import as all the changes concern in the window are done from this feature of the window. Even when user install the new window vista on the system the “my computer” folder appear on it and then drag to the desktop of the windows.

In windows vista nothing is impossible means if your start up menu is going slower in accessing then not to worry there are some simple step which can help you to again make it faster in speed and efficient.

Steps involving in speeding up start up menu in windows vista:

If the speed is gone slow then change the settings of the startup menu that it only return the search that user enter not gives the detailed search. The step which can do this are as follow.

To change the setting take the cursor to the start up tool bar and then right click on it and then select the properties from that options and then you see the new windows name “customize the start menu”. Check the radio button named “search the favorite and the history” and then check the “this user`s files” and then in the same window check the “search program” mostly it is check but if un check then check it. Then again check the “sort all program menu by name” these couple of clicks done by the mouse speed up your start up menu. Then check the “display on the all program menu and the start menu” then see the internet link and email links should be checked and some kind of data should be present in them. Click ok and experience the speed which is faster then before.

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