Speed up your Window Vista Computer with Ready Boost.

We really appreciate that windows vista has now introduced a very spanking new idea that adds memory to a system. I n this feature, the users utilize detachable flash memory piece of equipment in order to enhance and makes the presentation of the system efficient and effective. This element recovers and rescue all the information and records more speedily in the flash memory as compared to the tempo of the hard disk.

This element mostly uses some of the extra RAM to run all the operating system functions. If the user uses a 2GB stick, then the speed will not be that fast. In order to have maximum and greatest velocity, user needs to have 4GB USB drive. Whenever the user plugs that particular drive, the option gets readily available that whether you want your USB drive to ready boost or not.

Here is the method through which you can turn on this feature. Firstly, attach the flash drive, SD card or any other equipment you want to. Then the dialog pop up will come up on the screen. User has to click on the “Speed up my system” connection to reach to the ReadyBoost panel for the flash drive. Finally, user just has to select Use this device and place the particular quantity that he / she want to make use of in order to have superior access to their systems.

There is another method. User may reach to this feature by right-clicking the drive in Windows Explorer. After selecting Properties, clicks on the ReadyBoost tab. Then user has to set the option to Use this device. Only one thing user has to keep in mind that in order to activate this ready boost feature, you must have USB 2.0 thumb drive. If you are going to follow this scheme, no doubt your windows will surely show maximum memory capacity.

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