Speeding up VNC on Vista by Limiting Visual Effects

Before telling about the details of the scheme, you people need to know that VNC consist of a desktop sharing structure and uses a protocol known as RFB protocol that handles and operates another computer. This feature transfers the keyboard and mouse updates from one computer to another computer. Majority of the users, now-a-days, are using this VNC frequently and commonly.

But many users are facing the problem related to this feature. They complain that whenever they get their selves connected to the desktop, the speed almost gets slow and very sluggish; also desktop shows no response and reaction. Hence, the user always gets failed to identify and detect the problem and gets unsuccessful in repairing it.

Even if the user adjusts a wide range of color depths and display resolution options, even then there is no definite and distinct boost in tempo. Then user came to realize that until and unless Aero is enabled on the windows vista, nothing can be done. If the user is going to disable them then the speed of VNC will absolutely going to increase.

In order to speed up VNC on vista, user has to limit the visual effects. All aero features should get disabled. Firstly, user has to right click on Computer and then choose Properties. After clicking on Advanced System Settings, under it there will come up another option Settings, choose it. Among the tabs, user has to choose “Visual Effects”. Finally, for the efficient and effective presentation and most importantly to maximizes the speed of VNC, user then clicks on “Adjust for best performance” and then press OK. Users will surely find out that this method really works a lot and considerably and significantly increases the speed of VNC. Also this scheme not only works for only this particular element but also for any type of isolated connection and links.

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