Start an Application Assigned to a Specific CPU in Window Vista

Windows vista always comes up with new and innovative features! Here is another example! In windows vista, user is permitted to utilize a particular CPU in order to run its programmes or other applications. We have been a given facility that we can use one CPU to operate our one programme and additionally another CPU to run our second application. And if the user wants to decrease the total operating time, then he / she can allocate both the tasks to one CPU.

The users should keep in mind that this particular feature is available only if they use Dual Core or Core2Duo or a Quad Core CPU. Hence, windows vista provides its users a remarkable feature to set their CPUs dual-core structure.

In order to have access to this application, what user needs to do is that in the command prompt, he / she have to surpass the affinity flag to the start utility. Let’s take an example that if the user wants to create its work on the note pad, then the following command should be used to assign this task to particular CPU. c:windowssystem32cmd.exe /C start /affinity 1 notepad.exe.

After assigning this command and going through all this process, user will immediately see on the screen that in the task manager, this route is only and only assigned to CPU 0. In order to set up this course of action on CPU 0, this command switch should be followed: /affinity 1. In case for CPU 1, if the user wants to do some work on the paint then the user goes after this command switch: /affinity 2. But one thing should be remembered that the user can exceed the numbers up to a certain and definite limit i.e. number of CPUs in their particular system and enjoy working by having this characteristic!

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