Start Your Computer More Quickly by Delaying the Startup of a Service in Vista

Sometimes some user restart their machines plenty of times so in this case there windows can be slow with the passage of time but this is not the requirement of any user at any time. Sometimes when the window is reboot its start up menu is not access for sometime due to this function all the window is gone slow and user face the difficulty.

Users can speed up the window by delaying the startup services means that user can change the setting and set the settings which automatically delay the start up service in windows vista so that window not give the power of processing to it till all the other files run in the proper set up.

Steps include in delaying the startup of a service in windows vista:

First go to the start menu when a window is running properly and when you can access to the start in the faster mode. Then write the “services” command in the command box of the startup menu or access the services option from the administration tools appear in the control panel. Then right click on it and select the properties option or double click to access the properties of services. Now in this window of properties, there are many more options of the services which can be delay but some can harm users as well like if the users select the delay options of the windows that delay its windows setting then its windows will become very slow so select the service option of the start menu very prudently. Once the user select the appropriate setting his/her 75% works has be done. Then select the “automatic delay option” from the drag box and click the ok button.

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