Stop an Application from Running at Startup in Windows Vista

Add, delete or modification of the file which is appeared or has to appear in the windows vista start up menu is allowed by the window makers (Microsoft). Sometimes some applications which are appear in the startup menu is not needed by the user and those also make the menu slower because they take the processing power by the processor.

As per requirement windows vista allows the user to remove those files from the list of the programs appear in the startup menu. Some simple step led the user to remove the un wanted files from the list of the startup menu are as follow.

Steps involve in removing the files from the startup files:

Go to the start menu then from there select the control panel item then in to the control panel search box write “startup” command or search the windows defender manually. Then from the windows defender select the “stop a program from running in to the start up menu”. Now the “software explorer” is opened form here user can delete the item which they do not want to appear on the start menu. Now select the file from the file or document from the list which is appearing in the “software explorer” then select whatever you want with that according to the start menu like user can remove them from the list or disable for the specific time or they can also enable any file which is yet disabled by the user first or any other. Now select the item show to all users which is meant that changes have been done by you as the administrator of the machine shown to all or not. If user does not select that, its mean that user just wants to make changes in its own account only.

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