Stop the Annoying "Windows Has Blocked Some Startup Programs" Balloon

Sometime users face the problems that their needed programs which are placed over the start up menu was not running and they receive the message that the “windows has blocked some startup programs”. This situation may be the painful for the user because most of the user does not know that how to unblock those programs which are blocked due to whatever reasons which they do not know.

Unblock of those program is very easy as the user follow the some simple steps. These types of the message are show when user on the windows and windows boot the interface. These messages appear in the right most of the task bar.

Step involving in unblocking the annoying messages in windows Vista:

Just take the cursor of the mouse over that message which appear in the right most corner then right click on it so that the some options will appear and you are able to unblock it. When user click the right button of the mouse over that message some options appear take the cursor over the “properties” so that the “system configuration utility” option will appear. Choose that option so that the new window will open. The window which is opened due to that is the window of settings of the user control account. Then from this windows select the one and only check box which is appears in the bottom of that window. Against to that check box it is written that “does not show this message or start system configuration when windows start”. Now click ok button and user can see that the message which is appearing in the right most side will now not be showing. Now all those programs are running which are disabled due to the anonymous reasons.

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