Stop Windows from Copying Files Accidentally When Ctrl-Click Selecting

We usually get some trouble while selecting multiple files by clicking on them and holding down the Ctrl tab, and suddenly they start copying themselves in the same folder. This happens to almost everyone who uses the computer. It happens because of the fast clicking which is more than 4 pixels and then selecting, the computer assumes that the user is trying to drag and copy the files and duplicates them. If there are a large number of files, this makes it more annoying and irritating and you have to delete all the copies.

Now when we try to fix this problem in Windows XP, we use a utility created by Microsoft “Tweak UI”. In this application we try to configure the mouse and its drag settings. All we are going to do is just change the value of dragging from 4 pixels to a little more so that this problem will be finished but dragging and dropping for the other purposes would not be disturbed.

In Tweak UI, we will change the drag value from 4 to be somewhere in between 10 to 20 so that the other operations are not effected and our problem is solved too. We can change and adjust this value by our ease.

Suppose we get this problem in Windows Vista, and unfortunately Tweak UI don’t work in Windows Vista, so we are going to change the drag values manually or download a registry hack for vista which will change the drag value to almost 20 pixels.

So When we try to do it manually, we’ll have to open the start menu and run box and open up the file regedit.exe, In this file scroll down and find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then Control Panel and in that heading we’ll find Desktop. Now in the list opposite we will have two values, DragHeight and DragWidth. We can open them by double clicking and then change them to a high value like somewhere between 10 and 20 so that we don’t have to face the problem again. We can almost disable the drag and drop options by setting their values to a very high rate.

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