Stupid Geek Tricks: Create a Shortcut to Quickly Edit Your Hosts File

Shortcuts are the best way to complete a task quickly .Sometimes these shortcuts are dangerous and sometimes a piece of cake .Similarly, today’s article is on a very simple but significant topic that is creating a Shortcut to Quickly Edit Your Hosts File. As a programmer that does a lot of work on web sites, I end up having to edit my hosts file far too often, and in Windows 7 or Vista, you have to use Notepad in Administrator Mode Tedious. But after reading this article you can surely be able to do it quickly or within no time.

What you have to do is just create a shortcut to edit the file in Notepad, and set the properties to always start as Administrator. The final step is to create that shortcut in the Start Menu, so it will be easily accessible with the start menu search engine.
If you are done with the above things you just have to write the host name in the search engine and here`s your work done and now you can easily edit your host file.

Making Of A Shortcut

Go to the start menu folder. Then right-click and create a shortcut, with the following location:

notepad c:windowssystem32driversetchosts

As you have created the shortcut you just have to give it a useful name and then open up the shortcut properties then go to advanced option and then select “Run As Administrator”. As you have it you can simply write hosts name in the startup menu to pull up the item. You’ll be prompted to accept the UAC prompt, since you have to edit the hosts file in administrator mode. And now we can easily edit the host file.

Note :While changing the priorities of the host files you should be careful cause it`s a very tricky thing to do as you can accidently lower your security level and allowing the spammers or malwares to attack your system.

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