Sync Your Clock with Internet Time Servers from the Vista Command Prompt

This article described you the problem related to the system clock. If your system clock is not running properly or not showing the correct time or not properly synchronize with the server then you have to resynchronize your system clock with the server. The procedure of synchronizing your clock with the system server is described completely in this article.

The actual problem is that is takes to many clicks and effort to synchronize it, so the better option is by using the command line interface in the windows vista. However the proper working of command line is not compatible with the windows vista. The manual way of this process is very simple but it takes too much time. You are able to synchronize it with the windows option by right clicking on the time shown in your windows (on the taskbar) and then select the adjust time and date option. This way is also called as to adjust the time and date through GUI interface. After selecting the time and date option then you have to select the internet time tab and then select the change setting button. After that click on the “update now” button to resynchronize the system clock. This is it with the GUI interface. This process is bit too long but now look how this works in the command line in a very simple way.

Just open the start menu and open the command line interface. When you are in the command line prompt, then type w32tm /resync, when you type this in the command line then you are shown with the message that your command runs successfully on the computer. Simply by doing this your system clock is synchronized with the internet server, in a very simple and easy way. And if you want the proof then you check the time panel again.

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