The location of the public folder in Windows Vista can be changed

The location of the public folder in Windows Vista can be changed. This situation can take place when the C drive, the actual place where the Public Folder is placed, is about to be completely full and thus needs to be emptied. This folder is used for the sharing of different files with the people on the same PC’s. The individuals are sometimes confused about what steps should be taken for changing the location of the Public folder.

So the below mentioned steps can be taken by an individual to ensure that he had done right and his Public folder had been moved. Ensure that a backup plans if set before changing the location of the folder hence otherwise it would create some problems for the users. Selection of all the files in the public folder in C drive can move them to D drive or to some other new location.

The hidden public files and folders should also be transferred. A public key would appear in the browser when the registry editor box is opened. The registry editor box is opened when regedit is written in the search engine on the start menu, for those individuals who use Window Vista and Windows 7. The file location can be changed by double clicking onto the Public key appearing in the registry dialogue box.

From there the file can be transferred to any place the person wants to transfer. The public folder will be moved when rebooting is done. As a result rebooting ensures that the Public folder place had been changed. Thus it’s upon the person himself that whether he wants to remove the public folder after its position had been changed or not. Before taking the last step, verification is to take place for the new location of the folder.

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