Toggle File Extension Display with a Shortcut Key in Windows

Many users are in search of reliable and unfailing method that will toggle their file extensions displays with the help of shortcut keys. To handle this situation and to come up with a troublesome solution, below is the method which is quite and some what convincing. It will surely assist and direct the users up to the certain level.

In order to toggle and control the file extension display, a method has been introduced which uses a shortcut key to activate this particular tool. When the user is going to install or download the particular application, he / she have to enter Win+Y on that file or folder. Right after this step, user will immediately and instantly observe and notice the file extensions. User can change and modify the settings of this element. If he wants to see the file extensions, he can mark or check them. On the other hand, unmark them, if the user does not want to spot the file extensions on their systems.

User has to install the hotkey and then produce a shortcut of that file in the start up folder. Following path should be entered while performing the process: shell: startup. Suppose auto hotkey has already been installed in the system of the user, then he just has to type the following code to precede the procedure. The code is:

WINDOWS KEY + Y TOGGLES FILE EXTENSIONS. This is the end of the process and outcome will instantly be shown to the users.

The entire scheme works quite efficiently and effectively. By installation and typing the particular code, user will be able to control the file extensions. It does not take a lot of time. It will also not make the system to get messed or clutter up. You can recommend and suggest to any one.

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