Troubleshoot Browsing Issues by Reloading the DNS Client Cache in Vista

If you are using windows vista, while doing web browsing on the internet and you are receiving the DNS errors then you have to refresh the cache from the computer system. This problem occurs many times in the windows vista. The solution for this problem is describe in this article that how we can able to clear the DNS cache from your computer system.

There are two ways to clear the DNS cache from your computer system, first is by removing the cache but it can also be done by restarting the DNS client server. Let’s see that how the clearing of the DNS cache happens. You simply have to open the command prompt in the administrative mode and run the following command in it. And that is ipconfig/fushdns. After you have type this command in the command prompt it, clears your DNS cache but if you are using the Firefox then you have also remove the cache of it and restart or reload the Firefox. This will clear the DNS cache from your computer. Now we try to restart the DNS client server with the help of command prompt.

Just open the command prompt in the administrative mode of the computer by right clicking on the command prompt and select the “run as administrator”. After opening the command prompt, type the following commands in it. Net stop dnscache and net start dnscache. The first command stops the DNS client server and shows you in the form of message” DNS cache stops successfully” and second command restart the DNS client server after removing the DNS cache.
You can also remove or restart the DNS cache from the control panel by selecting the service menu and then click on the service restart button.
The same procedure is also applicable in the windows xp.

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