Using 7-Zip as a Blazing Fast File Browser

One of the most difficult tasks to do in the windows is the file browsing; it is very slow and doesn’t browse in detail mode. If you are using the 7-zip utility then you are in big ease and comfortable in the file browsing. Because this utility provides you the better features to browse the file and folders in a very quick succession. The actual problem is that, from where to get this utility and how to run it in your computer? So in this article we will show you the procedures to get and run this utility.

You can quickly get the 7-zip utility by just typing the 7 in the start menu search box. The default view of this utility is the details view; you don’t have to browse it again and again. You can also switch the menu view into two panes, so you can move the files and folders to and forth between the two panes. For the quick access to the folders you can also create the hotkeys for them, it will help you to access the hotkeys rather the files and folders. Especially these hotkeys will helpful for those files and folders which are deep inside in your computer. In the main menu there are many option which are not shown to you by default, you have ot explore them and enable them for your utility. Select the option to enable them with your own setoff requirement.

When you first browse any of the folder in your computer and then you forget that which folder you have searched before. For this there is a short cut (Alt+F12). By using this you can get all the previous browsed files and folders. You can also create the shortcut for this utility on your desktop and use it comfortably and with full functionality and support

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