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In this article w will discuss about the features of windows vista. One of the most demanding features of the windows vista is gadgets. The gadgets are present on the desktop of the windows vista. All these gadgets are present on the sidebar; it contains all the activated gadgets like clock, calendar and CPU meters on the combine panel known as sidebar. The side bar in the windows vista can customize and can also be enable or disabled.

You can also download the gadgets for your sidebar on the desktop. When you are done with the download then click on the downloaded gadgets, you will get an error message because you are not done with the installing of the gadget. First you have to install the gadget in your computer and if your gadget is not visible on the desktop then by going in the option you can also add the gadget on the side bar, on the desktop. You can also adjust the size of the gadget by opening the setting option of the gadget menu. The gadget can be shifted into two different kinds of size depending upon on the need and requirement of the user. And you can also add some extra features in the sidebar and even you can also create your own sidebars and use your own gadgets.

All the gadgets of different kinds are available on the internet; you can simply download them and install them in your computer. Remember when your adding gadget on your computer’s desktop (only for laptop) they consume extra battery life. Also remember that the addition of the gadgets on the sidebar is not recommended by the experienced people.
It is easier for the person to learn about the gadgets and apply them to the computer.

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