Ways to Make UAC less Annoying on Windows 7 / Vista

Majority of the users faced this inconvenience that whenever they operate their system, UAC keeps on annoying them. Users who do maximum tweaking, in result they get UAC prompts instantly. Users are in dire and extreme need to have the solution of this problem that will help and guide them to get rid from this trouble. Below are the four schemes that will surely let the user to come out from this problem effortlessly.

The very first method is to disable UAC totally. It can be done through a command line process. One thing should be kept in mind that this method is not that secure and safe for the system. Users should not adopt it until and unless other schemes get failed. Second method tells the user to keep the UAC enabled but disable the pop-up messages that irritate the user. This is the most secured way because the desired application will keep on running in the system.

Most of the time the screen becomes completely black except for the UAC prompt. Users can disable the blackout screen in order to secure their desktop. This step will stop and prevent the particular applications to do this. Lastly, few shortcuts can be produced that can avoid the UAC prompts to some extent. This is done through the task scheduler that is going to run this application. This is the finest method that can be adopted.

Hence, all of the above mentioned methods are quite and rather works well. They are highly recommended and suggested. It is not at all tiring and gives the outcome in the best possible way and mode. Users do not have to put a lot of effort. They can easily and conveniently carry out the procedure effortlessly and smoothly. Users will surely be able to get the desired results!

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