Window Vista Problems

Window Vista is the product of the Microsoft Company which was released in the November 2006. The window has some issues with its compatibility and driver so it was not stand for the long time in the Technology market.

The basic problem other then the driver and compatibility are that the window vista operating system is too slow in processing. Basically this package which was launched by the Microsoft has many laps and gaps, even the user complaints that the vista is not working properly with the Wireless internet.

The driver issue is one of the biggest problems which lead the Vista toward its failure. Basically it was seen that the Window Vista is not working properly with those software which are even recommended to use it. The most common example is the Graphic Company Nvidia. Nvidia release its Ge Force 8800 card and on its pack it was written that "Designed for Window Vista" but the card does not work well with the recommended operating system. There are many more examples which prove the poor driver application of the Window Vista. Nvidia is not only the company which faces this problem but other companies like Creative and Mustek are targeted with the same problem. Due to this problem many consumer suffers.

Compatibility is the second strong issue which makes the Window Vista to its ends. Many application rather not work or not work properly on the Window Vista`s operating system. The example of this problem is iTunes, whenever the iTune or the iPod or any of this hardware attaches with it and done some kind of uploading, it faces many problems and after it removed from the system it contains some kind of virus which corrupted the whole data it contains. Other software's which are facing this kind of problem is security suites, CD/DVD burner and virtualization solution software.

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