Windows Vista Enterprise Edition

According to Microsoft, it's not made for small and medium sized businesses. This means that many localized companies might be better off purchasing Business Edition for their main computers and Ultimate Edition for any mobile computers requiring hard drive encryption. The real problem is that the buyer would be paying for some unnecessary features that would not be wanted by business enterprise. Enterprise Edition is designed for companies which may encounter situations where they may need many computers with hard drive encryption. In other words, it's basically useless for the end user and there's no real point in having it. One of the first things which can be seen after inserting the Vista Enterprise DVD is the non-existent EULA and the total lack of a key dialog. Installing windows vista Enterprise Edition is not that difficult once you choose the specific parturition of the drive to install the windows the setup will continue further automatically. The windows can be installed in just 15 minutes.

There is no expiration date in the enterprise edition. RTM builds do not have a time bomb. One could easily use the operating system indefinitely with an RTM key, though none have been handed to anyone outside of Microsoft. It still lacks one of the biggest things which is planned for the RTM release of Enterprise Edition which is the included Virtual PC client. The few features it does include over Business Edition include are the following:

  • Subsystem for Unix Applications 
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption

It must also be noted that while this is a part of the RTM branch of builds, this particular build does not contain any of the final UI elements. As can be expected, Windows Ultimate Extras will not be found in this SKU of Vista, and games will not be installed by default, just like its Business brother. Boot screen and the boot sounds are just like Windows XP Motion Desktop is also not present in this particular build.

Will you be missing anything by not having this version when RTM rolls around? Unless you're a fan of application compatibility via a Virtual PC layer, you won't be missing much. However, is this one of the best Vista builds you'll probably never use until RTM? Yes. If you think you'd be better off by getting Enterprise instead of Ultimate and you don't have access to a legitimate volume licensing key, you should refrain from copulating for the sake of humanity.

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