Windows Vista Features for Corporate Sectors

While designing Windows Vista much of the features that had been incoperated are related to has been on the new user interface, security technologies, and improvements in the core of operating system (improve working skills of computer). Microsoft also focused on the deployment and maintanance issues in the operating system.

The Windows Imaging Format (WIF) is the most prominent feature of Microsoft\'s new deplyment and pakaging plan introduced in Vista. The files in the format of WIF contains and HAL-independent image of Vista. These images can be maintained, edited and packed without needing to rebuild the image itself. Two softwares can send and recieve images on internet and other networks in the format of WIF which are Systems Management Server or Business Desktop Deployment. Images in WIF format has the ability to to customize themselves and configure automatically with different kind of softwares and applications and then can be deployed to client’s personal computers using little to no touch by a system administrator. Vista has another software called ImageX which is usde to create and customize images.

Vista and previous versions of vista can be very smootly run on a computer by at tool called Windows Deployment Service and the remote installation procedure can be avoided.

To enhance the new feature of interconnecting compters almost 700 new group policies have been added hence covering most aspects of the new networking techniques in the new operating systems. It just not only improves  the wired connectivity between computers and networks but also significantly expands the configurability of wireless networks, removable storage devices, and user desktop experience. Vista also features an XML based format (ADMX) to display registry-based policy settings. Which makes it a lot easier to ste up geographical networks which has many different languags in it.

The services of UNIX had been improved a lot and also been given a new name and now it is called Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications. It is not available with every Vista. It is only available in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Vista.

A new feature of Network File Client NFS that’s helps in sending files to other clients on the networks has also been introduced. Multilingual User Interface – In the previous version of Windows one had to installa language pack to run the local launguage on the computer but vista has already buil-it language pack and one can set his language for his/her profile. Language packs are also only available in Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Vista. Ona cannot run all profiles in language pack one profile had to be in default language.

The use of projector in homes, offices, organisations and universities is increasing day by day. Windows Vista has a tool that supports wireless projector connectivity.

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