Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 has been under development from a very long time. A beta version of the service pack was released for testing purpose so feedback can be getting from the users. This service pack 2 was only available for small number of users which comes under the group of Technology Adoption Program. It was released on 29 October 2008. The release date of the real service pack 2 is expected some 2 to 3 weeks later from the release date of the beta version.

The build number of this service pack 2 release is 6002. Its size is between 209.7 MB to 296.6 MB. It only contains all the upgrades but there is no new feature or major change in the working and no change in the appearance.

For downloading Windows Vista Service Pack 2 you have to install the KB955430 hotfix key in the Windows Registry. After the installing the hotfix it becomes very easy to download the Windows Vista Service pack 2 as it becomes visible in the Windows Update centre. It is only matter of time and when the registry changes will be leaked and will probably available on the internet it will make possible for anyone to download the new Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

The following features will be added in Vista SP2:

  • Windows Search 4.0 which make’s searches faster and reliable and more accurate and more relevant. This update of windows Search 4.0 is also available for the Service pack 1 users but in alone.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 it includes the most recent and advanced used specification for a bluetooth device which makes quite a lot easier to connect a Bluetooth device to Windows Vista.
  • It has the feature of burning Blu-ray DVD discs which unavailable before on Windows Vista.
  • To simplify the Wi-Fi configuration setup more WCN Windows Connect Now has been introduced which is totally new technology. it helps a lot the windows in connecting with a new Wi-Fi device.
  • The problem of time zone synchronization has been introduced by enabling the exFAT file system so it can support UTC files easily.
  • Another new and exciting feature is the support for the ICCD/CCID smart cards.
  • The VIA 64bit CPU can also be used with Windows Vista when using a Service Pack 2.

Unlike the previous Windows and their Service Packs the new Windows Vista Service Pack 2 cannot be installed until the Windows Vista service pack 1 is installed. Not only this new Windows Vista and the new Windows Server 2008 will also share the same binary pack for their service packs

Report: Windows Vista Launching in April 2009.

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