Windows Vista Sidebar

In the windows vista sidebar is the new feature which is introduced by the maker for the first time. This additional feature makes the windows interface more attractive and beautiful. Side bar of windows vista contains many items which can help the users. This side bar is different from the previous side bar of the windows; this is not just the simple side bar.

In the windows vista side bar new gadgets are introduced which are very helpful. These gadgets are presented mostly on left side of the screen of the graphical interface of the windows where the side bar is present. One can say those gadget are mini application.

The newly introduced side bar has many benefits to the users like it contain applications (gadgets) which give summary of information at a glance and can give full report of that information if user wan to access it.

This side can be minimized if user wants means one can terminates its working or stop it from work. The new windows vista side bar can work or appears again with its all item which user wants.

User can also customize its side bar. Side bar is also known as the engine of the graphical user interface. Windows Vista Side bar also give the assess to the internet search about any related topic if its gadget is installed.

The only side effect which user can face is the performance and the speed issue. Side bar of the windows vista is heavy application so sometimes it slows down the speed of the windows. As side bar contain gadget, these gadgets actually takes power from the processor to work so it slows down the system. The side bar also has a gadget which shows the performance of the processor.

Side bar of the windows vista is useful addition of the Microsoft and its also gives the nice look to the graphical interface.

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