Microsoft Windows Vista Starter Edition

Windows vista has been designed for the persons who are beginners in using computers. It does not provide much benefits and features which is being provided by the home basic edition but still it is great for beginners.

Windows Vista Starter still being for beginners provides a lot of features which are needed by common users. Most commonly used features in Windows which are available in Vista Starter edition are following:

  • Much more easy, safe and fast internet browsing
  • With windows Vista Starter edition it becomes very easy to communicate with family members all over the world.
  • Listening to music and watching videos was never this fun.
  • Easy to use tools for photo albums like storing, printing and organizing.
  • Using parental control feature you can block a child’s access to adult websites and games.
  • Connecting hardware is the easiest with most of devices have plug and play feature like printers, cameras and other devices.
  • Easy Microsoft update and enhancements features free.

In essence, Windows Vista Starter is ideal for beginner computer users, and is the most affordable edition of Windows Vista.


This edition is just like the XP’s starter edition.  This edition is making huge sales in emerging markets which which are in countries like Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is shipped to 169 countries which are classicified as emerging markets of softwares. As its very cheap it basically provides alternative OS systems to the users from the copied ones which are unlicesend and illegal. It is not available in already grown commercial markets like Europe,USA, Canada, Israel, Australia and New Zeland.This version has very significant limiltations in hardware and software aspects. A user for instance cant launch more then three applications in with a user interface at once. The biggest problem is the hardware limitaions like it supports RAM of 1GB not more then that but this version can also run only 380 MB of RAM. In AMD machines it only supports Athlon XP, Duron, Sempron and Geode processors not any higher. When using an Intel's machine it supports Celeron, CeleronD, Celeron M, Pentium III processors and certain models of Pentium 4 with hard disk limit of 250 GB. Windows Vista Starter's hardware requirements are modest, to say the least. If Vista is a resource hog, the Starter edition is the only exception.


This version of Windows vista is designed to run on the lower configuration and some processors are listed above. This edition of vista can perfectly run on 512 MB of Random Access Memory. Windows Vista needed 15 GB of hard disk space and direct X9 with a 32 Mb of video graphics memory. But this edition can go even lower then this it can easily run on 800 MHz processor with 380 MB of RAM and 800 x 600 pixel resolution graphics card.

So Windows Vista is the perfect operating system for beginner computer users.


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