Windows Vista Transformation Pack

The new Windows Vista Transformation Pack is basically software for the Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It is also known as the VTP in abbreviation (Vista transformation pack). It can change the appearance and the graphical user interface of the old Windows like XP and Windows server 2003 into the new Windows Vista graphical user interface. This is done be adding new themes icons color scheme. The windows older theme files are patched with the new theme files and the installation is done by installing third party software of the theme. It is very good indeed and works best for the users who wants the Vista interface but do not want run Windows Vista actually on there computers. The VTP is basically the successor or the name changed version of LTP which was Longhorn transformation pack as the previous name of Vista was Longhorn.

It includes features like ViSplore (software pack which is responsible for converting the Windows Vista explorer into the new Windows Vista Glass interface explorer). The new all programs menu is start bar is also available and the instant internet search feature is also available. The 19 gadget Thoojes vista side bar is also available in the latest VTP. The Sidebar has since been updated to Vista Rain bar, a far stable and faster alternative. True Transparency is software available in the market by which the Windows Vista Aero styles can be simulated. Another alternative is buying the Windows Blind software from Stardocks.

The latest version of the VTP is version 9 which has resolved many issues. Many of the new updates were made by Express Updater of the VTP 9. Some more new upgrades are:

ü      Vista Orb positioning

ü      Compatibilities on x64-based OS

ü      Current account while installing can now b easily modified through Personalization setup screen.

ü      For the users who don’t use first slot graphics cards the problem of VGA drivers is resolved.

ü      Now the boot screen appears with the Vista flag.

ü      It can automatically fix the configuration problems while using the auto configuration setup when installing.

ü      The taskbar the menu bars and the background and more stuff is upgraded to the visual styles of Vista.

ü      Many 3rd party applications are also upgraded.


Poor performance: The VTP has many problems with main memory usage issue. Using Ram and CPU up to 100% at idle have been reported many times. Some reports say that the VTP uses the only 3% at idle or more with a very little RAM used.

Inaccurate programs: Many non necessary and crap programs are installed like the Glass 2k program which converts the whole windows transparent which totally different from Vista Aero transparency, and LClock or the Longhorn Clock (the windows tray clock) the LClock was removed in the finals changes of Vista. Well these programs can be blocked but still it made VTP reputation bad. Users can block it through the VTP9 welcome Centre.

Download Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1

Download Vista Transformation Pack 8.0

Download Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1

Download Vista Transformation Pack 7

Download Vista Transformation Pack 6

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