Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is basically combination off all features of Home Premium, Enterprise and Business editions of Windows Vista.

  • Microsoft has also designed some more upgraded exclusive versions of Windows Vista which has some unique features and is distributed as Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade Limited Numbered Signature Edition. One of the main unique features Windows Vista Ultimate Signature editions is that it has Bill Gate’s signature on the front of the packaging and some new unique features inside. Microsoft only designed 25,000 copies of it and they are all ready sold.

  • As the biggest company of the world Microsoft is also very active in social activities and helping poor countries develop in computer filed and in campaigning against deadly diseases Microsoft also makes another variant of Windows Vista Ultimate available to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa. Windows Vista Product Red is basically nothing but a variation of the name in Windows Vista Ultimate. This unique edition comes with Dell’s laptops and they have contracted for this edition and also in selected numbers in Windows Vista Ultimate Seal. Now the current Windows Vista  

  • Extras running are following:

  • Windows Dream Scene. With this utility you can not only set pictures for your desktop back ground but also now you can set Videos as desktop backgrounds. This utility allows you to set videos .WMV and .MPEG format movies as desktop background. During the last week of September 2007, Microsoft released the final version of Dream Scene and this Updated packs of additional Dream Scenes were made available to the in September 2008.

  • Bit-Locker and EFS Enhancements these two tools actually help you in using the security features of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition more precisely.

  • Hold 'Em Poker Game is game just like the Texas hold 'em game.

  • Another addition is the major addition of languages through the MUI language packs which has almost all nations native languages. 

  • Microsoft also released some new sound packs for Windows Vista Ultimate on April 22, 2008 and September 23, 2008. Three newly designed sounds packs are Ultimate Extras Glass, Pearl & Tinker-based sounds which has many new sounds than the original  

  • Windows Sound Scheme. 

  • Microsoft introduced another game in the ultimate editions of Windows Vista which is Microsoft Tinker. Its a 60 level puzzle game.  

  • Microsoft has also a variation of Windows Vista Ultimate for Embedded Systems.

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