Free A+ Practice Test for CompTIA A+ (A Plus) Certification Exam Core 1 (220-1001), Exam Core 2 (220-1002)

We offer Free A+ Practice Test for CompTIA A+ (A Plus) Certification Exam Core 1 (220-1001), Exam Core 2 (220-1002).

An Overview of CompTIA A+ Certification and Its Worth In 2021 and Beyond?

Just like many other Cybersecurity and IT courses, CompTIA A+ certification has been around for over 25 years.

Since it was developed in 1993, it has been one of the most popular and worthy courses for the professionals looking to pursue career in the IT field.

Now looking at its genesis created before Cybersecurity and the modern networking era along with its continual focal point on software and hardware, many people doubt that is the CompTIA A+ certification still worth it?

In this article, we will be discussing an overview of CompTIA A+ certification and focus on its worth.

What is this certification

CompTIA A+ certification was developed in 1993 by the CompTIA organization, ever since, the course has been revolving itself to modern techniques including cloud and security.

However, the main focus of this certification remains repair-based certification concerning computer hardware and software.

Most professionals see this course as a gateway to enter the field of Information technology.

Key Areas of CompTIA A+

  1. Operating systems
  2. Networking
  3. Software troubleshooting
  4. Hardware
  5. Virtualization and cloud computing
  6. Mobile devices
  7. Security
  8. Hardware and network troubleshooting
  9. Operational procedures
  10. Administrative skills related to troubleshooting.

Examination Details of CompTIA A+ Certification

Number of exams to earn certification

Total number of questions

Exam duration

Question type


Experience required


90 in each exam

90 minutes each exam

MCQs, Drag and drop, PDQ

Passing Out requires 675-700 out of 900

9-12 months hand on IT or previously had some educational background in IT-related studies

How long it takes to prepare for a certification?​

Usually, people think that they should spend more time preparing for exams, but a better option is to spend more time in the technical field to have hands on experience.

The more you spend time on technical grounds the better you will be able to answer the question in the Exam.

Ideally new to the technical support field will usually find 3 months are necessary to prepare for A+ exams.

However, anyone looking to appear for exams should be well prepared for the exams, it includes so much detail and specifications that even a professional seasoned technician might miss out at a certain point.      

Who would benefit from taking A+ certification?

  • Field Service Technician
  • Computer Support Technician
  • Junior Network Technician
  • Help Desk Manager
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Owner of Technical and troubleshooting businesses
  • Students looking to pursue a career in the IT field.

Where is the CompTIA A+ Recognized From?

Some people might be unfamiliar but the CompTIA A+ is recognized by the US Department of Defense as an approved 8570-IAT Level-1 baseline certification.

IT professionals know that most of the CompTIA certifications are recognized by the US Department of Defense.

What are the Benefits of CompTIA Certifications?

Increase your value-In this competent world where the technology is ever revolving it’s hard to patch up with the pace, earning CompTIA Certification would increases your value in the eyes of superior management.

Higher salaries- When applying for a new job, if you are certified it will certainly help you avail higher salary as compared to non-certified professionals.             

How Long is the Validation of CompTIA A+?

Just like other CompTIA certifications, A+ is also good and valid for 3 years.

Later on, it can be renewed by retaking exams, earning CEU’s or simply by taking higher-level exams.

Future Scope of CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification is one of the oldest and popular courses in the IT industry, millions of IT professionals have taken advantage of this certification which has helped them in their respective fields.

Looking at the strong demand for solid computer and help desk technicians in current times along with further additions in A+ certification, it seems the future still looks bright for CompTIA A+ Certification holders.