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We offer a free Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Routing and Switching 100-490 RSTECH practice test and exam.

Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Routing and Switching - Exam Code 100-490 RSTECH

Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Routing and Switching 100-490 RSTECH is a certification course wherein you learn the valuable skills to diagnose, repair, replace and restore essential Cisco networking and system devices. You can perform such services either at your lab or at the customer site. While doing so, the IT technicians may coordinate or work with Cisco Technical Assistance Center. This support from Cisco enables the professionals to resolve the problems and critical technical issues efficiently.

If you wish to acquire Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Routing and Switching certification, you may get yourself registered for this course easily. Cisco offers the fullest support and learning materials through Cisco’s authorized training centers. Cisco training support is also available online. So, you can complete this course while taking even a few short sessions. So, you can stay relevant and may enhance your productivity and technical competence through this valuable certification program.

Exams and Recommended Training for CCT Routing and Switching

Exam Code for CCT Routing and Switching is 100-490 RSTECH. For earning the certification, you will be learning high-end technical skills and will be availing the Cisco credential while passing the exam Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco routing and Switching Network Devices, abbreviated as RSTECH V3.0.

Cisco course RSTECH (Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices is a well-designed training program that develops the technical skills which are essentially required to perform onsite support to clients to maintain various Cisco networking devices like routers, switches, and other associated hardware and devices.

After completing the Cisco CCT Routing and Switching certification course, you will have the knowledge and skills to rightly identify the various models of Cisco routers and Switches. You will have professional-level knowledge about various other accessories like cables and interfaces. You will have the right understanding about the Cisco IOS® (Cisco Internet Operating System) software operating models.

You will also have a clear understanding of the functions and features of other commonly used software in networking environments. While studying the course for Cisco CCT Routing and Switching course, you will also learn the use of Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI). This CLI is essential to connect and service the Cisco products.

Course Outline CCT Routing and Switching

Here is the course outline for the certification.

Knowledge of General Networking

  • Procedures and Methods to Examine LAN and WAN Connectivity
  • Details about functions of FTP, TFTP, Secure Shell (SSH), Telenet and Ping

Understanding about Cisco Equipment and Other Relevant Hardware

  • Methods to Identify Cisco router and switch models. Understanding about interfaces of these routers and switches.
  • Identifying and describing usual components used along with Cisco devices.

Cisco IOS Software Operation

  • Developing Understanding about Describing Cisco IOS CLI Functions
  • Methods to use the basic Cisco IOS Software Commands

Services Related Knowledge

  • Understanding about Managing Configurations through the Console Port and Terminal Program
  • Knowledge about performing software upgrades or downgrades using FTP, TFTP, XMODEM, and USB Storage, etc.

To pass the exam easily, you may use some study guide. You may explore to find some online study guide for Cisco CCT Routing and Switching certification. A study guide providing a learning pack comprising the following would be the right choice. 

  • Online practice exams for CCT with realistic questions and in-depth answer explanations.
  • Video training through some experienced coaches.
  • Lab exercises with in-depth solutions from the book

Ideally, the study guide must cover all topics on the exam 100-490 RSTECH.

How I’ll benefit from CCT Routing and Switching Certification

    • The course will enhance your technical competence to deal with network fundamentals, troubleshooting the basic layer 1 and basic layer 2, configure remote servers and recognize connection endpoints.
    • You will gain confidence through practical skills in managing Cisco devices and systems
    • While passing the exam 100-490 RSTECH, you will be eligible for Cisco Certified Technician Routing and Switching certification.

      While completing this course you will be benefited in the following

Who should enroll for the 100-490 Exam?

The course for the 100-490 exam offers device-specific training sessions and a certification program for Field Engineers. Specifically, the course is helpful for Cisco’s Third-Party Maintainer Field Engineers.

What is the Salary for Cisco CCT Certification Holders?

Having earned your Cisco CCT Routing and Switching certification, you will be able to find a job with a good salary package. The average salary of a Ciscocertified IT professional ranges between 70,000 to 95,000 dollars. Professionals with rich experience in Cisco Routing and Switching devices are hired on higher salaries too.


There are no specific prerequisites for this certification course. So, you can join the course for CCT Routing and Switching Certification.